Admission rules to the postgraduate program

Perspective students

Kazan State Institute of Culture (KazGIK) calls for applications from foreign prospective students for 2018-2019 academic year.

Foreign students can apply for all programmes according to the List of programmes (Количество мест для приема на обучение).

Education in KazGIK is in Russian. Therefore all candidates who do not speak Russian are required to participate in the one-year language training course at KazGIK preparatory department. 

Studies at the preparatory department are not part of the general institute coursework. The program is designed for training international students with limited or no Russian language proficiency. Candidates are able to enroll in the preparatory course upon presenting proof of eligibility to enter a Russian higher education institution, including documentation of prior education.

Namely, those applying for admission to a bachelor's, full-master's or specialist diploma program must have secondary school certificates or their recognized equivalents entitling applicants for higher education.

Those applying for admission to a master's program must have their bachelor's certificates. Those applying for admission to a doctoral program must have their master's certificates or specialist diplomas.

The preparatory program corresponds to the state program of pre-university training and includes both Russian courses and training in basic humanity disciplines such as Russian literature, history, social studies, etc. The training is provided within Humanities study profile.

Foreign students can apply for full-time and part-time programmes.