Information about University

Information about University


Kazan State University of Culture and Arts  

Kazan State University of Culture and Arts was initiated as a filial of Leningrad State Institute of Culture in 1969, in 2002 it officially became Kazan State University of Culture and Arts. Today Kazan State University of Culture and Arts is a dynamically developing leading regional centre of culture, science, education and art. It combines deep special knowledge with a fundamental classical base and new educational technologies.

Kazan State University of Culture and Arts has a good rating among Russian institutes of higher education due to a high level of scientific work and innovation courses’ development.

Being located in the centre of Kazan, ancient, rich on history, more than thousand year old city, noted for its cultural, scientific and educational life, the University offers all the advantages of contemporary institutes of higher education with an international reputation.

KazSUCA is represented by more than 300 teachers, including 39 professors, 107 senior lecturers, 148 Doctors of Science. About 70 professors and lecturers of the university have honorary titles of Tatarstan Republic and the Russian Federation, among them there are winners of the state awards of the Russian Federation and Tatarstan Republic.

Kazan State University of Culture and Arts has about 3000 students (who study in a full-time and correspondence faculties), 9 Faculties, 30 Departments. 

Our faculties include:

·        Art culture and Design;

·        Music;

·        Theatre;

·        TV and Film making;

·        Dance;

·        Information service and Media technologies;

·        Social and Cultural activity;

·        Economy, Management and Tourism;

·        Faculty of correspondence education.


KazSUCA fulfills 25 licensed programs of bachelors, 3 programs of masters, 5 programs of experts.

The international activity is one of the priority directions of the development and modernization of our University and is considered as one of the strategic ways of expansion of its educational space, development of the university science, social and cultural interactions with the international educational institutions and the organizations.

To achieve the set purposes the University develops communications, direct contacts with foreign high schools and universities.

Nowadays there are agreements about the development of the University’s cooperation in the field of education, science and culture with the International center of high technologies in the field of recreational technology and leisure development (Netherlands), Lycée of ZH.-B.Coreau (France), Fulbright foundation (USA), Public charitable organization of Tatarstan Republic «The tolerance Center «The world of Volga region», working in Tatarstan Republic within the Russian-American program «A trust climate », MOU with The State university of New York State (SUNY, the USA), The Baltic International academy (Riga, Latvia), Children's and youth’s international society «EVENTUS» (Riga, Latvia), Lugansk state institute of culture and arts (Ukraine), Komratsk state university (Moldova), Tashkent state institute of culture of A. Kadyri (Uzbekistan), Kirghiz state institute of arts of B.Beyshenalieva, Kazakh national academy of arts of Zhurgenev.

According to the agreement with UNESCO’s special department of human rights and democracy of Moscow State University of International Relations of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Russian Federation in April, 2011 there was founded a branch of this department in the University.